About Us

The National Association of Physique Athletes (formally known as the AFPA) was founded on July 1st 2003 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on the premise of giving competitors an alternative to the traditional fitness organizations without sacrificing the quality of the event they enter. NAPA shows have gained the reputation of being some of the most well organized events promoted. The goal of the NAPA is to keep the sport of bodybuilding affordable for the competitor, profitable for a promoter and a cost effective advertising outlet for those businesses that support this sport.

The NAPA currently sanctions several events, including the National Night of Champions, a national event that allows competitors that place in the top 5 of any sanctioned NAPA event held that year, to come back and compete for the title of National Champion. This event is held annually during late fall in Kansas City, Missouri.

NAPA has the most affordable shows in the Midwest.  The cost per class is $60 and should a competitor choose to cross over to an additional class the cost is only $40.  With the addition of the Collegiate Division,current Students can enter a show for just $30.  As with all organizations, there is a membership (CARD FEE) associated with the NAPA.  The NAPA has the lowest Fee Charged $30.  All this means that competitors can participate in the sport they love and not have to invest a large sum of money to enter the show.

The NAPA along with its strategic partners continues to look for innovative ways to improve the world of Bodybuilding.

Values/Quality: At National Association of Physique Athletes, our shows will reflect the kind of quality you expect with you decide to participate in and event.

Our Association is always evolving as the needs of competitors change and as new opportunities are created in the sport.

Be assured that competing with the NAPA, you will enjoy Excellent Facilities, High Quality Awards and Gifts, at an affordable price. NAPA shows are the best value for competitors and the sponsors that support this industry.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know the athletes and what they want and need to be successful.We work closely with Personal Fitness Trainers and Prep Coaches, Health Clubs and Personal Training Studios along with others in the industry to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet their unique needs and challenges.

Competitors First: From the Theaters and Venues we hold our shows in to the awards and gifts we give out, at the NAPA, our highest priority is satisfied customers. That includes competitors, sponsors and guests.

You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile to make sure your experience is an enjoyable one.

Contact us at 816-623-5658