About Us

Cramer Byers Graphics KC (CB Graphics KC) is a family business based in Missouri. Our small company specializes in custom metalphoto, sublimation, vinyl transfers, trophies, awards and promotional items.

We also manufacture custom heavy gauge metal horse stall signs, show car display signs, dog and cat show signs. 

The heavy gauge metal we use for our signs is a “Metalphoto” product. “Metalphoto” is a process which text, printed designs, pictures, etc, are photographically transposed and becomes part of the metal itself.  In fact, “Metalphoto” is so tough that an image cannot be removed by erasure, and even resists abrasives such as steel wool, extreme temperatures, fungus, or corrosive atmospheres.  In addition to durability, the resolution is extremely high (at least 1,000 lines per inch) to produce a fine detailed product with crystal clear lettering.  Our outdoor signs can easily last 20-years or more in direct sunlight.

Thank you for taking an interest in our family company and we hope to hear from you soon.


Most frequent questions and answers

PC formats including .cdr, .pdf, .dwg, .al, .eps, .jpeg, .tif, .doc, .dxf, .xls, .ppt

Yes, we have full graphics capabilities and can setup your artwork.

Yes, this provides us the opportunity for you to approve or make any changes. Before the processing begins.

Most orders are shipped UPS Ground. If you prefer another carrier, please contact us.

Most images used on a web page are 72dpi to help speed up the loading of a page. In contrast, 300dpi is the standard starting point for high quality images.

Our normal lead-time is two to three weeks for your first order and two weeks for repeat orders. This may vary slightly depending on complexity of part, availability of materials and workload.  We understand that in some cases where we need to “rush” an order – we will do our utmost to meet those requests.

Yes, we can provide you with a sample of a similar part for review and testing. If you require a prototype, we will include the cost in our quotation.

We try to do as much of our work in-house as possible. Because we are a make to print custom job shop, we do use outside contractors to meet some customer requests and to make tooling and fixtures.

Yes, we sell to many resellers. Please contact our sales or customer service department if you are interested in becoming part of our reseller program.

Our credit terms are net 30 with an established account. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Government credit cards.  For all new orders, (unless prior approval received) we require 50% down at the time of accepting the order and the remaining balance at the time of shipment/delivery.